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Web Hosting

In addition to developing your website, we can handle all your web-hosting chores for $40 per month.

Domain Names

To make your website available to the world, you need a domain name. That name becomes part of your website address and your email address. For example, your website address would be: www.YourDomainName.com and people send email to you at: you@YourDomainName.com

Working with Network Solutions, the orginal domain name provider, we can help you research and find the best name for your site. Then, we'll register your domain name for about $38 per year. The final step is to link that name to your website on our server.

Already have a domain name? No problem we can help you with any details to make sure the domain name is linked to your web site.


Email Boxes

Along with your website, we'll provide email addresses for you and anyone who needs one at your company. If you already have a different email address, but would like to receive email under your website name too, we can set up mail forwarding so that your email works the way you want.

Webmail...Anytime, Anywhere

As an added bonus, you can use our webmail service with your site's email. With webmail, you can access your email through any web browser. Anytime. Anywhere. It's great if you're traveling and using computers at internet cafes or your friends' homes. You don't have to use or set up an email program such as Outlook. You just log on with your username and password. Your online webmail also includes a handy calendar and address book.