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Copywriting for Websites

Let Bolinas Road Creative handle the writing chores for your website. We have years of experience writing copy with impact. Give us a call when you want to deliver a clear, strong message.

Writing for websites is different than writing books, articles or business reports. Web copy needs to work with photos and other graphics to deliver a strong message. Where possible, messages should be delivered visually to attract the attention of web visitors. Copy should be used to expand on the message, providing details that aren't as easily communicated with graphics.

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Copywriting for Search Engines

There's another important way that writing for websites is different than writing books, articles or reports. Well-written web copy helps you rank well on search engines like Google and Bing. For example, if you run a Google advertising campaign, you want to make sure that the words on your web pages support the pay-per-click keywords in your campaign. If you aren't running a campaign, you still want as high of an "organic" listing as possible.

Bolinas Road Creative will help you develop a site that shows up when customers are hunting for your goods and services.

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Copywriting for Sales

The most important job for the copy on your website is that it sells your goods or services. At Bolinas Road Creative, we have over 25 years experience selling products through print, broadcast media and on the web. If you need words for the web, for print, or for broadcast, let our copy sell for you.