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Training Videos, Online Training

Have you ever had a teacher who was so good that you wish you could put him or her in your pocket so they were there when you needed help? Well, you can do that with web-based video training courses. Today's training videos cover a huge range of topics. The best courses get to the heart of the matter quickly, showing you how to perform complicated tasks. Most video training courses can be viewed on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Chris Grover, owner of Bolinas Road Creative has written and recorded training courses for Lynda.com, video2brain, and Educator.com.

Custom Training Course

Are you and your managers spending too much time showing employees or customers how to use customized software? Perhaps you need a training video tailor-made for your business.

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Pearson InformIT online training and O'Reilly Safari online training course

Excel 2016 for the Macintosh Professional LiveLessons

This video course teaches Mac pros everything they need to know to use Excel 2016 including how to build advanced formulas using functions and named ranges of cells, how to create a visually attractive worksheet using formatting and a variety of charts and graphics and valuable tips and shortcuts that help you work more efficiently as you build worksheets and workbooks.

Microsoft Office has long been the industry standard for business. Mac users, especially at the enterprise level need to understand and use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote in order to collaborate with business teams. Viewers will learn to work efficiently using the industry standard tool of Excel 2016. Throughout the course of this LiveLesson, students move from the basic topics to advanced topics. Along the way, Mac-specific techniques are covered in detail and students learn how to customize Office applications to match their own work needs and style.

Here's an example lesson from the course:

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Lynda.com online training: Learn Excel 2010: The Basics

Microsoft Excel

Learn Excel 2010: The Basics by Chris Grover

Excel is the industry-standard spreadsheet program, and almost all of us find ourselves using it at one point or another. In this workshop, veteran author Chris Grover teaches you the fundamental skills you need to work with Excel, starting with basics like entering and formatting numbers and text, then moving on to writing formulas and using Excel’s built-in functions. You’ll learn about sorting, filtering, and lookup, as well as charts, graphs and sparklines, and even advanced tools like pivot tables. Along the way, you’ll become familiar with the new features in Excel 2010 and learn techniques for troubleshooting your spreadsheet when something goes wrong.

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Learn Excel 2010: The Basics by Chris Grover

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Microsoft Word

Learning Word 2010 by Chris Grover - Online training course available from Lynda.com

Learn how to leverage the power of Microsoft Word and create strong, standout documents. First take a tour of the interface, where author Chris Grover shows you where to locate Word's editing features and get information about your documents. Chris then shows you how to set up a document to your exact specifications, with the correct page orientation, size, spacing, and breaks. He also shows how to format text and add interest with photos, SmartArt, tables, and charts. Plus, learn how to collaborate with others using Track Changes and share documents via print and email.

Click below for a sample lesson:

Learning Word 2010 by Chris Grover

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Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate CC is powerful software that allows you to develop high-end motion graphics and visual effects for your webpage. Highly experienced instructor Chris Grover will help you import graphics, add web fonts, and make exciting animated effects all within Edge Animate. Along the way, you will learn about different web languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. By the end of the course, you will have all the skills needed to build your own slideshow gallery, animated logos, rollover buttons, and much more.

Edge Animate CC by Chris Grover - online training course available from Educator.com